Announcement – SteamEngineRevolution is working


SteamEngineRevolution (SER) is working

The SMARTii team has successfully started the first Coal Fired CO2 (carbon dioxide) power plant prototype

At 13rd of December, 2018 we successfully tested SER the world’s first CO2 fueled and coal fired power plant prototype.

During the testing of the SER system, the power plant circuit was operated, the boiler was heated with coal and driven by high pressure the self-developed turbine worked.

In the coming weeks, the fine tuning of the system, adjustment of the measuring system and finalization will take place, then the optimization of the electric energy production, and measurement of the batch and then stable continuous operation comes.

The secondary objective is to measure the efficiency of the SER coal power plant model.
The primary goal of the SER project is to create a model and prototype of a working coal power plant cycle that demonstrates that CO2 can be used in power plants instead of water to operate a continuous cycle.

The efficiency of coal power plants could be increased and their emissions reduced by using CO2 instead of water as a heat transfer medium in the cycle.

With the implementation of SER technology, Coal Fired Power Plants will be salvageable and can be operated cost effectively.

Szentes, 16th of December, 2018.

Péter Cseh CEO