Steam Engine Revolution Project

We are an innovative team, we know that the technology will be marketable when we prove the expected results during a “life size” experimental test.

At beginning of May we took the first step on the way of Steam Engine Revolution,we executed a successful experimental test of the phyisical theory: there is a better composite material, than water to drive a steam engine.

Pal with the tube-boiler

Photo of the Steam Engine Revolution experiment – Pal with the tube-boiler.

We found this material!

How we tested it ?

  1. Closed space: standard steel 24-liter gas cylinder
  2. Assembly two meters onto the cylinder: Temperature (0-350°C) & Pressure (0-250 bar)
  3. Fill the SER material into the cylinder
  4. Lighting a fire under the cylinder in the tube-boiler
  5. Meeasured the temperature & pressure values continously

Experimental results

Our team proved during the experiment that significantly less time and amount of fuel is needed to produce the same pressure and temperature as steam engine, if we utilize the SER technology.

We performed two experiments (with SER and water) with the same boiler and same amount of fluid.

NOTE: Chemical composition of the material used in the experiments is Not described here until the patent is not granted.

Our discovery can revolutionize the steam engines.

The efficiency of modern power plants is η=30%, but they are using „supercritical” steam currently . With SER technology, the efficiency of Power Plants can be increased to η=50%.

– The graph below shows the difference between the pressure („y” axis) increase in the SER material filled cylinder and the pressure increase in the water vapor filled cylinder, versus the temperature („x” axis). –

2. SER experiment results

This graph show the results of 2nd Steam Engine Revolution project experiment – Temperature vs. Pressure scale